Monday, November 26, 2012

December Goals


So, though the month is not quite nigh on us, here's my list of December goals:


  • Record ALL expenses and income for blog!
  • Write 2,000 words for novel (low, but this is the Holidaze)
  • Get friend's feedback on other novel
  • Have awesome time visiting said friend
  • Fiddle practice 5 times a week
    • Week of December 3: 
    • Week of December 10: 
    • Week of December 17: 
    • Week of December 24:
  • Finish The Hobbit (on loan from library!) 
  • Finish The Man Who Was Thursday (on loan from friend!)
  • Finish frugal sewing project - jammy legs into napkins (it'll be super cute. Promise.) 
  • Bike to work twice! (Hoping to overshoot on this one - but I need to get some biking gear and know-how-to-change-flat-so-I-shan't-end-up-stranded to really get into biking to work for realz, which I'm totally excited to do.) 

I'm so excited to talk with you all about celebrating a simple and meaningful Christmas that's frugal but full of warmth and happiness. I love December, and I treasure the darkness that brings us ever closer to the Winter Solstice, the darkest night of the year - that darkness brings us all together, huddled by the fire, playing happy songs, drinking warm and cheery drinks, and celebrating each other and gazing at our faces lit by the joy of shared company and happiness. 



An Awfully Frugal Adventure!

Every good story always tells you why it's starting at this moment :  Peggy Olsen begins her first day at work and the entire storyline of Mad Men follows, a mysterious, gray-cloaked fellow brings news of an adventure that sweeps up Frodo into The Lord of the Rings saga.

Around these parts, I go by the name of Audrey.  I'm newly four-and-twenty years of age, and I want to save money. A lot of money.

Actually, my real dream is to be a professional, damn successful writer.  Should I not pen the Great American Novel within the next few years, I'd like to have enough money to actually quit the rat race and write full-time and then pen the Great American Novel. In addition, I'll have all this fantastic blog writing experience under my belt, and I'm also going to entrust YOU, lovely readers, with my GOAL LIST FOR EACH MONTH, which will include writing goals, small personal things, and reading goals.

That's right. You, trusted ones, will be able to hold me accountable on my path to being awesome. First and foremost, this will be about frugality - a multi-faceted discussion of tips and tricks, the spirit of frugality, but also the deep inner purpose of frugality - what's our motivation and goal? For some, it may be being able to stay at home with the children, paying off a student loan and improving that credit score in order to achieve a dream of home ownership, or simply feeling freer and lighter, more self-reliant. That's what I love about frugality - one tool that we all express in our own unique way.

So, you all know what I'm doing and why I'm here. What's next, you ask?

Well, I am going to keep dutiful records of my expenses and income in the month of December, and then report back to you all periodically so you can keep me on track, eyeball my budget, and tell me what the 411 is. After I've got a good sold "expense and income" report, I'll actually be able to take advantage of all your helpful suggestions and prune down my expenses, and try to boost my income to maximize savings.

In between expense reports, expect discussions of frugality, goals, cleaning up around this place, photographs, more info about my situation in life, and happy linkys to other wonderful frugality blogs.

Welcome - it's an awfully frugal and big adventure we have ahead of us!